Carhartt Day-Bag Design

This day bag is designed to fit well within Carhartt's established brand language and current lineup of bags while offering a fresh design that fills a gap in Carhartt's market.
The main objective of this project was to practice hand rendering while also learning how to communicate an already established and recognized brand language.
For this stage of the project I learned how to "fail quickly" in order to learn what solutions work and what don't as fast as possible. 
In these specific prototypes I was testing: 
- the proportions of the pockets to see if they would fit all the items people mentioned in my interviews
- the ways I could incorporate Carhartt's brand language in the shape and form of the bag
- the collapsible front pocket design feature that I wanted to include (a pocket that could be customized to fit a lot or slim down when unneeded) 

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